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Random shit.

2017-05-11 14:25:09 by killer32

Man, my legs are wood. I Must've taken atleast a 100 low kicks yesterday. The other guy looks far worse though and that's good enough for me.

The Neon Demon

2017-03-03 09:56:59 by killer32

I know I am late for the party on this one but it's still a movie  I really want to talk about. The neon demon got everything right. from the characters to the visual to everything. I don't have a single compliant about this movie. 

The story even though starts out as nothing special but before you notice, like an a uppercut from a good boxer nails you right in the chin. the movie really shows how our obession with youth and beauty and the jeaously of it can lead to atrocities. What starts out as simple story of a young woman trying to make in the modeling industry slowly turn into a grimm story. The impresive thing here is that the movie doesn't simply do a 180 like for example in from dusk till dawn where out nowhere vampires show up. In here, instead, we actually get small clues on what actually is going on and when looking back on it, you realise that it all makes sense. Examples: Cougar in the bedroom, The blood sucking scene. Even the first scene of the movie has the portagionist covered in blood. 

The dialog which seemed tedious at first but later really blends into the movie. It also shows how everyone is obessed with their looks and the preception of everyone around them so much that they are fearing of making one wrong move. Each of the models moves  feel very preconculated like they are lunching are rocket into space. The robotic behaviour of the characters also helps us understand how artificial and fake everything is in the model industry. 

The acting was actually really good in this movie, its hard to convince  the audince thats something is actually going on when there is so little dialog and movement going on but somehow they mange to do it.  I aspecially liked Elle Fanning's  preformance which was always on point. 


inconclusion,  this movie was briliant 10/10.



how I feel

2016-11-05 10:48:51 by killer32

felt like posting this


heres a doodle.

2016-07-31 05:15:18 by killer32












What do you people think?




Nice Attack is a false flag

2016-07-19 02:47:23 by killer32

Title says it all, Its all conspiracy take our cars away. Think about it, the vehicle used in the attack is a heavy vehicle ones that are already hard to obtain and banning them isn't good to be too hard. After they ban that truck they are going to go after smaller trucks justifying with the big truck banning and then after that they go after cars. Its a well known tactic the government uses to take away the people's freedom. Its called the foot in the door .

Furthermore, think about it, what is combat? Combat is movement, even snipers have to run a lot and its a well known fact that Americans are way too fat to move and they need cars or other vehicles to get any where. Without cars a revolution in america is impossible. The NWO figured, Americans are why to obsessed about their guns so we will take some thing else that can't fight with. I mean its a well known fact that Ford Focus is stronger then any tank.
I purpose that in order to counter the NWO's evil plan we should cancel driver licenses. From now on people should be able to go into a store buy a car and drive away and only then we will live in a safe society free NWO's grasp.


2015-10-30 12:24:22 by killer32

So it looks like Сяк is making his own game now. I don't know anyone else who can think of something this brutal.

Philly's shell.

2015-09-13 15:02:08 by killer32

Here I am standing here with a dillema where to attack or stand back. 
If I attack I might get caught in the trap and eat the left hook to chin but 
If I stay and do nothing but then nothing will happen. 

Here I am standing here, I Don't know what to do. 
But thats life sometimes we have to push out our confurt zone and into the trap but still we need a plan.
A plan is always important beacuse if we don't have that we get our ass handed to us. 

I could faint an entrance to the middle and than move to the his other side. I could enter and pivot out. 
Sometimes we are so in a hurry to do something we rush and thats when we get hit. 
Its good to move forward but as we move we cannot forget about our stance. 

Fighting is like everything else in life. If we rush like idiots in than we get our ass kicked and if we stay in one place we don't get anything at all. 

I think the best fighting technique is the best the 'life technique' as well. Moving forward with a plan. 


Life sucks.

2015-06-13 03:01:18 by killer32