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2014-07-22 09:54:18 by killer32

дышу косяк!


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2014-07-22 10:16:08

рюзке свинья

killer32 responds:

Я азербайджанец.


2014-07-22 14:02:19

кросава дай пятЬ!


2014-08-31 20:01:42

the fuck did you just say to me

(Updated ) killer32 responds:

I mean its cool that are is someone besides me on newgrounds that is into knives.
also, If you are talking about the news post then it means "I'm breathing THC"


2014-09-01 06:49:01

I'm actually just starting to get interested in them, I plan on picking up a Cheap-O Balisong online this weekend. I would love to start a collection though, knifes are pretty damn badass.

killer32 responds:

Don't buy cheap knives unless you know for sure that the knife you are buying is a good one. Cheap knives have problems. They can't hold an edge for long, They folding mechanism doesn't work properly, and they are overall unreliable. If you are planing to put that knife as a wall hanger then thats not much of a problem but if you are going to do something with it then I suggest waiting until you have money for a quality knife(nothing too over the top but not a piece of shit either.)